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Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager

A complete Vulnerability Management platform, from detection to remediation

Authorities publish over 1500 new vulnerabilities every month Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager helps you to manage your vulnerabilities, and provides a global and continuous overview of your vulnerabilities with detection, prioritization, and remediation.

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Vulnerability Management

Get a global and continuous overview of your vulnerabilities

Discover how Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager helps you managing your vulnerabilities


Get the full and contextualized list of the vulnerabilities that affect the technologies and assets of your IT infrastructure.


Monitor continuously the vulnerabilities published by authorities (CERT-FR, NVD…) that are linked to your IT infrastructure.


Specify your business requirements for each asset, by choosing your Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality goals.


Review automatically your vulnerabilities based on their CVSS score, exploitability, and your business requirements.


Make the right decisions using customizable dashboards, and act quickly with simple recommendations available in our software.


Deploy easily security patches from our native Patch Management module, while respecting your existing infrastructure (WSUS / Red Hat Satellite …).

Complete Vulnerability Management, from detection to remediation with only one software.

Complete Vulnerability Management

Management, from detection to remediation, with only one software.

Cyberwatch is an ergonomic and easy-to-use platform available in French and English.

Easy-to-use interface

with a low learning curve, available in French and English.

The Cyberwatch platform allow you to build operational and customizable reports, with pre-built and editable templates.

Relevant dashboards

customizable and operational, with pre-built and editable templates.

Flexible integration with On-Premise / Self-hosted / Cloud-based deployment.

Flexible integration

with On-Premise / Self-hosted / Cloud-based deployment.

Knowledge base updated every hour with new vulnerabilities and security fixes.

Knowledge base updated hourly

with new vulnerabilities and security fixes.

Cyberwatch has an integrated cross-platform patch management module (Linux and Windows).

Patch Management

integrated cross-platform (Linux and Windows).

Access a comprehensive database on CVEs and their attack kits, and identify the most dangerous vulnerabilities

Have a knowledge base on vulnerabilities, in your infrastructure or hosted in SaaS mode. Prioritize risks and receive only relevant information. Identify the easiest vulnerabilities to attack and the most impacting for your information system.


Rich vulnerability database

Access a complete encyclopedia on CVEs, to help you perform relevant analyzes, directly embedded in our platform.


Encyclopedia updated every hour

Obtain up-to-date information on vulnerabilities and their metadata (alerts from authorities, publishers’ bulletins, exploits, etc.), thanks to our knowledge base which is automatically refreshed every hour.


Vulnerabilities sorted and classified according to your business needs

Use our search engine to do your analyzes by technology, by level of exploitability, or by severity.


Automatic prioritization with cyberscore

Automatically identify your real risk with our Cyberscore. It is calculated from the exploitability of vulnerabilities and your business context, based on the environmental and temporal metrics of CVSSv3.

Simplify the management of your vulnerabilities

Gain visibility, prioritize risks and make a simple and motivating action plan for your teams. Deploy the patches appropriate to your vulnerabilities, or document the countermeasures implemented to neutralize the risks.

Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager is a vulnerability management platform with Assets mapping, Vulnerability scanning, Prioritization based on technical risk and business requirements, Decision-making tools, and an embedded Patch Management module.
Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager inventory functionality

Opt for a complete Safety Maintenance solution

Cyberwatch detects the vulnerabilities of your servers, workstations, network equipment, websites, Docker images, and qualifies them according to your business criteria. We maintain a complete inventory of technologies and vulnerabilities in your information system, with history of detection and correction dates.

With more than 18,000 vulnerabilities declared each year, Cyberwatch helps you prioritize the vulnerabilities of your IT equipment and make the right decisions according to their importance.

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Cyberwatch Compliance Manager is a compliance control solution, with analysis of the hardening and possible full customization of the rules and benchmarks tested.

Cyberwatch Compliance Manager is a compliance management platform, with hardening level assessment and complete customization of available rules and repositories.