Monitor your vulnerabilities.
Check your compliance.
On a single platform.

From detection to remediation, manage all your vulnerabilities and enhance your cybersecurity posture. Check the compliance of your IT assets against your standards, and setup a proper in-depth defense.

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A simple and complete platform to improve your IT defense

Our unified interface allows you to map your assets, scan your vulnerabilities and compliance, prioritize your results, obtain recommendations and deploy the appropriate security patches.

Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager is a vulnerability management platform with Assets mapping, Vulnerability scanning, Prioritization based on technical risk and business requirements, Decision-making tools, and an embedded Patch Management module.

Vulnerability Manager

Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager is a comprehensive vulnerability management solution. It allows you to discover your assets, scan and prioritize vulnerabilities, make the right decisions and fix vulnerabilities.

Cyberwatch Compliance Manager is a compliance management platform, with hardening level assessment and complete customization of available rules and repositories.

Compliance Manager

Cyberwatch Compliance Manager is a complete compliance monitoring solution. It allows you to check the status of your information system against benchmarks provided by the authorities or personalized by you.

Strengthen your security and improve your compliance from a single platform


Continuous scans

Our vulnerability and compliance scanning technology continuously checks the status of your information system. This way you have a real-time picture of your level of security.


Simple integrations

Our platform exposes a REST API documented in French and English, with Python / Bash / PowerShell clients. We also provide native functionality in our interface to connect to a third-party REST API of your choice.


Flexible deployment

We offer flexible deployment with agentless or agentless scans at your convenience. We can also perform offline scans for the most sensitive environments.



Cyberwatch software can be deployed in your information system, on a local or Cloud infrastructure that you control. In addition, it does not transmit any vulnerabilities and no scan results to the outside, to preserve the confidentiality of your analyzes.

A platform that simplifies the management of your vulnerabilities and compliance

Automatically map your assets continuously

To secure your information system, you must first know what it contains. For this reason, our platform allows you to identify the assets of your information system thanks to a powerful discovery engine.

Cyberwatch allows you to identify the assets of your information system through a powerful discovery engine.
Overview of Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager's Active View feature

Prioritize the vulnerabilities that really matter, based on your business context

Define your business objectives in Cyberwatch and let our prioritization engine calculate your risks in a contextualized way. Cyberwatch then shows you your results in a prioritized manner for each asset. This way, you can focus only on the things that are most important to your business.

Scan your assets with or without an agent

Launch scans with or without an agent, including offline for the most sensitive environments. You can thus analyze your information system with great flexibility and while respecting your production constraints.

Deploy security patches with just one click

From our platform, we indicate the recommendations adapted to your information system. We also allow you to deploy security patches with a single click, with or without an agent from the interface. Use our native Patch Management module, or integrate Cyberwatch with your existing tools.

Integrated cross-platform patch management module (Linux and Windows).

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